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Glamour Meets Tradition

Created By : 09-Mar-2017 Published In: Punjabi Jutti Comment: 0

We are immensely pleased and humble to acknowledge that Erica Jennifer Fernandes was spotted wearing none other than our very own hand crafted Punjabi jutti.

Punjabi Jutti's

Created By : 16-Jun-2014 Published In: Punjabi Jutti Comment: 0

Till recently, the cobbler was one of the essential workmen of the village community in North west India including Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & kashmir. He was entitled to have the skins of all animals dying a natural death, or to share themwith the village sweepers. Apart from his right to the skins of dead animals, he also got a share or fixed amount of produce, which varied from place to place. In return he was required to supply shoes to the whole family of his patrons once or twice a year, and to provide cattle thongs, plough gear, headstalls for cattle and other leather products of agricultural utility.

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