Ethnic Pink Parandi

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Punjab is a state full of tradition and culture. With its rich lifestyle, food, artifacts, jewellery, clothes, Punjab is the most sought place. Parandi has its own history and culture to foretell but less is known on how and where it originated. It’s been said that Parandi was initially worn by the women when they didn’t have many accessories to decorate their hair with. In ancient times when fashion was about simplicity and soberness, the women used to weave multicolored threads together and tie it in their hair in order to make it look pretty and to also to make it appear longer. It is also known that the Parandi is a symbol of love, which a bride-to-be gets from the husband, and she braids it around in her hair as a token of love. As a Punjabi tradition, the bride dances wearing the parandi while she mesmerizes her husband and winds and weaves her love in his heart.

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